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  1. Jesus Army: Love, Unity, Humility
    Jesus Army: Love, Unity, Humility
    We are a family of Genuine Jesus Lovers and we are from all over the world. We walk in Love, Unity and Humility. Jesus said, "I am raising an army among you! The whole world will be changed!" (Joel 2:1-11)
  2. The Kingdom of God is at hand - The Whole world will be changed!
    Denver Revival Saturdays @ 8.30pm
    Join us for dynamic revival services 1439 Court Place, Denver Colorado 80202
  1. 2017 Prophecy Part 1&2
    03 Jan, 2017
    2017 Prophecy Part 1&2
    "Changes are coming, turning the hearts of man from one extreme to another extreme. Like a ping-pong ball; when it gets to one end of the table, there is someone there to hit it back to the other extreme end. In the end times, hideous things will take place, evil things will take place, devious things will take place. Things
  2. 12 prayers warriors who encountered the Lord
    07 Oct, 2016
    Our Jesus Encounters - Part 1
    We are 12 prayer warriors. We all love Jesus! For about 4 years, we have been meeting every night for powerful prayer. In the summer of 2013, it pleased Father God, Son and Holy Spirit to come and meet with us in a special way while we were going to some of our darkest moment as a church that has always done God’s will. The Lord Jesus visibly came to us first in July 2013;
  3. Revival Breaks Out In The Philippines!
    25 Dec, 2016
    Revival Breaks Out In The Philippines!
    Beginning the month of September 2016, Filipino children began to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, got baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire and began to see visions of Jesus, heaven and experiencing the spiritual realm as they engage into intercession. This mighty God's army began to grow and to meet regularly to earnestly seek the Lord!
  4. From A Broken Heart To A Priestly Love Story...Happy Rosh Hashannah 2016
    01 Oct, 2016
    From A Broken Heart To A Priestly Love Story...Happy Rosh Hashannah 2016
    Happy Rosh Hashanah 2016   On the Jewish Calendar, we are before a very special season of the “High Holy Days” – a season to Return and Repent. Jewish people and many believers from around the world will celebrate the Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish “new year”), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). For further information on these feasts, please read Leviticus 23 and click on the links above. Rosh Hashanah: Jesus Wedding Day On Tuesday September 3rd
  5. Wrestling Against Sin & Overcoming
    30 Sep, 2016
    Wrestling Against Sin & Overcoming
    Wrestling Against Sin & Overcoming A TESTIMONY OF GLENN - Blazing Holy Fire Leader in the Philippines and how His walk with God dramatically changes after receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire Towards the end of 2015, a young man named Glenn was led by God to contact our ministry. He was so desperate for God and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, that he searched and knocked from church to church in vain. Things took turns however when he connected to our ministry. In less than one
  6. Delivered from Mental Hospitals & Demonic Powers
    18 Sep, 2016
    Delivered from Mental Hospitals & Demonic Powers
    It all started in March 2013 when I returned back to the Lord. I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and I began speaking in unknown tongues. I was excited about finding Jesus! I started praying a lot every day but I did not know much about the word of God.
  7. To Pray Like Jesus: Part 8 of 12
    31 Aug, 2016
    To Pray Like Jesus: Part 8 of 12
    To Pray Like Jesus: Part 8 I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;             From where shall my help come?      My help comes from the LORD,             Who made heaven and earth (Psalm 212:1-2) Whatever your eyes are set upon, you will behold. Wherever your heart is headed, there shall be your destiny! With this, the Lord has taught me to have Him as my one and only vision in prayer. There is a hymn I love to sing that helps me enter in: Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His
  8. Prophecy Re. Election
    29 Aug, 2016
    Prophecy Re. Election
    I was caught up in the spirit and I found my soul standing before the council, the very council where I always used to go and I saw father Abraham and I was standing beside him. And I was very surprised to see Donald Trump come and stand in that room. This is what I was told, ‘Trump will become President. He will be used to clean and purify the nation. As hard as he is, he has been prepared for this. As Cyrus was used to discipline Israel and then to restore Israel, likewise Trump will be used
  9. To Pray Like Jesus
    15 Jul, 2016
    To Pray Like Jesus: Part 7
    “When you pray, be lost in Jesus and you will lose sense of time.” Remember the first time you fell in love! It was true love! Saying hi, snatching a few minutes of conversation was not enough, you probably said, “If only I could spend more time with my lover!” Thank God who answers prayer, that day came and you probably went on a date, after which you came home and talked. For some, sleep
  10. Your Wake Up Call
    18 May, 2016
    Your Wake Up Call
    Beloved, True Believers in Christ: The Lord would like to remind us where we are today on His calendar: Matthew 24:12 “And because there will be more and more LAWLESSNESS, most people's love will grow cold.”   Within these past few days alone – as you would count using your fingers, we have witnessed lawlessness upon lawlessness! It is alarming, shocking… but it does not stop here, more and more lawlessness are coming – for they are all coming from Sheol and the Bible says “Sheol and Abaddon are
  11. Is It Over For This Once Great Nation?
    07 May, 2016
    Is It Over For This Once Great Nation?
    At this hour, Where many are embracing ungodliness, Siding with satan who will end them, God is asking His righteous children, To boldly stand up for the Truth; To boldly stand up and not be ashamed, nor compromise nor be silent! Children of God, You were made to shine, Are you willing to shine even if darkness yells that you shut your mouth? Are you willing, oh, children of God to proclaim the Truth? Are you willing to lay down your life to proclaim the
  12. A 4th Century Monk Who Changed a Nation
    19 Apr, 2016
    A 4th Century Monk Who Changed a Nation
    One day the monk, named Telemachus, heard God speak to him and tell him, “Go to Rome, I have a work for you to do in Rome.” Startled by this surprising message, the monk

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