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The gates of hell will not prevail. Mat16:18     
  1. Jesus Army: Love, Unity, Humility
    Jesus Army: Love, Unity, Humility
    We are a family of Genuine Jesus Lovers and we are from all over the world. We walk in Love, Unity and Humility. Jesus said, "I am raising an army among you! The whole world will be changed!" (Joel 2:1-11)
  2. The Kingdom of God is at hand - The Whole world will be changed!
    Denver Revival Saturdays @ 8.30pm
    Join us for dynamic revival services 1439 Court Place, Denver Colorado 80202



(2 Timoty 3:16-17)

From Jesus mouth came a sharp two-edged sword (Rev 1:16)

Dear visitor, welcome to our homepage. I might not know who you are, but one thing I know is that this is the moment you have been waiting for... God directed you here!  I am so excited for you because I know what God is about to do in your life! You will encounter Jesus in a new way. You will never be the same! It has happened to us & to thousands who have visited from around the world. Every page you browse, everywhere you visit on this site, Jesus is there to meet you. You will feel His fiery presence! As your RESPOND, you will receive many different gifts from God, your Father! When this happens, Jesus desires you to leave the old behind and move into the new every day (Mark 2:21)

Read, Watch, Listen and Act = Transformation!
Live with Jesus, SMILE & BE HAPPY = Abundant Life!

I am incredibly joyful and excited for you!
Abundant Life in Christ Jesus!!!
Christine Coleman

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Jesus will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire