Blazing Holy Fire Church and Ministries

By Bro. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Exo. 24  Awesome encounter of Moses with God.  God was going to reveal to him about the Ten Commandments, also about the Tabernacle.  He is going to get an important plan from God.  HE WAITED ON GOD for 6 days (HE WAS BEING PREPARED BY GOD TO ENTER INTO THE GLORY), and on the 7th day he heard the voice of God saying, “Come!”  2Chron 5 King Solomon and the coming of the glory of God. 

When the Lord spoke to me, “Prepare for glory,” He showed me a vision how heaven itself is preparing to pour out the glory.  I saw a very glorious place in heaven; it was filled with glory, the spirit blinding to the eye.  And as I was seeing this scene, I saw many angels coming out, and they all had bowls in their hands.   They’re coming forth from within the glory, carrying the bowls in their hands and going out.  And I also saw many eagles fly from within, coming out, and they represent the prophet saints in heaven.  And they also came out, because the Holy Bible says, Heb. 11:14, the Old Testament saints are not complete without us.  And as I was looking at this vision, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “THE BRIDE IS BEING PREPARED FOR THE COMING OF THE BRIDEGROOM.” 
My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, THIS IS YOUR YEAR, THIS IS YOUR YEAR, A YEAR FOR THE CHURCH TO PREPARE, THE YEAR FOR THE BELIEVERS TO PREPARE.  And I hear the Holy Spirit say, “YOU WON’T GET A SECOND CHANCE.”  Another opportunity like this will not come.  So don’t lose this opportunity.
So these are the good things that God is going to do in the church. 

The Lord showed me that THIS YEAR WILL BE FILLED WITH MUCH SORROW AND TROUBLE.  Violence will increase, rapes will increase.  Now this is concerning the nation of India.  As a result of this My wrath over this nation will increase.  You know, the many natural disasters that we have experienced in the past year – earthquakes, floods, burning, train accidents, landslides – all these don’t happen just by itself.  It is the sword of the Lord that goes in the land.  It is the wrath of God that is made manifest in the nation.  So WE NEED TO PRAY AGAINST ALL THAT. 
CONFUSION AND LOSS OF LIVES THROUGH TERRORISM WILL INCREASE AROUND THE WORLD.  Bombs will be kept even in schools.  Bomb blasts in buses will increase; use of such things will increase.  Violence among youths will increase. 
In the midst of all these, SOOTHSAYERS WHO PRACTICE WITCHCRAFT WILL RISE UP.  And they will say that they have answers to the problems in the world.  1Sam. 28:6-10 King Saul went to seek counsel from a witch.  Likewise, those in authority and government leaders will seek them and go after them. 
Then I heard a voice, “WHERE IS THE TRUE VOICE OF GOD?”  I was wondering.  Prophets must arise.  THIS IS THE YEAR, 2016, FOR THE TRUE PROPHETS OF GOD TO RISE UP.  So they must be prepared.  Many of you may have received that anointing.  Maybe you have the simple gift of prophecy.  If you shy away, soothsayers will rise up and they will cause confusions.  They will speak lies.  But if you boldly, by faith step out to speak the words that God will give you, people in authority and government leaders, instead of going to witches, will come to you.  They will seek the true prophetic voice of the living God.  So step out.  Stir up the gift that is within you.  Don’t be afraid, fearing that you will make a mistake.  The Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you. 
Then A WORD FOR EUROPE.  Last year we saw much happenings that centered in Europe.  Whatever happened last year was preparing Europe for some greater thing to come.  What is going to come?  Several things:
A RIVER OF BLOOD IS GOING TO FLOW because of the increase of terrorists in Europe. 
FALSE TEACHERS WILL ARISE AND TEACH FALSE TEACHINGS.  It has already started.  Many great once-upon-a-time true Christian leaders are now turning away and following other churches that are teaching wrong things. 
The Lord Jesus said, “MY CHURCH WILL FACE A WAR.  IT WILL FACE A WAR AGAINST RIGHTEOUSNESS AND TRUTH.”  This refers to the church in Europe as a whole.  It will split in two because of righteousness and unrighteousness.  You know, the voice for homosexuality is increasing all over the world.  Many nations are embracing a homosexual lifestyle, and they are legalizing gay couples to get married.  So this will split the continent of Europe into two, between righteousness and unrighteousness. 
THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT OF GOD WILL BE MADE MANIFEST.  You might think I thought the White Throne Judgment of God is way after the coming of the Lord Jesus.  1Tim 5:24, Acts 5:1-11 (Ananias and Sapphira, judged immediately), also Ezek 11:1-13 (Evil things being done in the temple; ripple effect of evil men will spread and contaminate others resulting in discontent, discord and disunity.  Be careful; such people will drop dead.  In the life of Moses, Korah and Dathan became envious, jealous and rebelled and were consumed alive by the earth.  The eyes of God running to and fro in the earth, sees everything that is being done.)
CHURCH WALLS AND ROOFS WILL COLLAPSE DOWN.  Many will even be killed.  Behold the judgments of God.  1Pet. 4:17 Judgment has begun in the house of God.  Ezek 9 Angels of destruction have been sent out and their job is to strike down every unrighteousness.  My dear church leaders, wash your hands clean by the blood of the Lamb.  Put your house in order.  Guard your lips that you don’t speak falsehood.  Humble yourselves before the Almighty God.  Seek His ways and repent from all your wicked ways. 
Finally, the Lord says, THE NATIONS IN SOUTHEAST ASIA WILL EXPERIENCE A REVIVAL.   New ministries and new ministers will arise and shine in that region.  These include nations like Thailand, PHILIPPINES, Brunei, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.  The eyes of the Lord is upon them right now. 
This is the word of the Lord.   HOW ARE WE GOING TO RESPOND?  Analyze your heart, seek the face of God, repent, and pray for these things.
For the second time, Bro. Sadhu heard the voice of the Father.   After giving some words of counsel, then God gave this word of promise for the Year 2016, “GOD WILL BE GLORIFIED IN YOU (Isa. 49:3).”  The word kept ringing to me continuously.  God said, “THIS IS THE YEAR; THIS IS THE TIME TO PREPARE FOR GLORY.”  Write that in your heart.  This is the year, this is the time to prepare for glory, because it is coming.  Therefore prepare, prepare, prepare.  Isa. 62:10-12  Pass! Pass through the gates; prepare the way of the people.  Raise up! Raise up the highway; gather out the stones; lift up a banner for the peoples.  Behold, Jehovah has sent a message to the end of the earth, Tell the daughter of Zion, Behold, your salvation comes. Behold, His reward is with Him, and His work before Him. And they will call them, The Holy People, The Redeemed of Jehovah; and you will be called, Sought Out, a city not forsaken.
Whatever you have lost in the previous year/s - perhaps a calling, perhaps the gifts of the Holy Spirit, or perhaps even your relationship with the Almighty God, or even some kind of a natural blessing – IN THIS YEAR GOD WILL RESTORE WHAT YOU HAVE LOST!  I feel very strongly in my spirit now, if you humble yourself and seek sincerely the face of the Almighty God for the NEXT 14 DAYS, you will surely get back all and whatever you have lost. 
MANY, MANY TRUE MINISTERS OF GOD WHO ARE WATCHING THIS PROGRAM, YOU WILL GET A RESTART IN YOUR LIFE, like the Lord Almighty will kick start you to run again.  There are ministers that I see that you have received a baton from the Lord through a word of prophecy, but that baton may have fallen down from your hand.  It has now been picked up and being given back to you again.  Spend the next 14 days to humble yourself and sincerely seek the Almighty God. 
Many, many special angels have been appointed for the work of ENHANCING RESTORATION, give the baton in their hand.  You can come back to the starting block of running your race.  Oh, I see that picture right now.  All is not lost.  A RESTART HAS BEGUN TODAY.  The gracious Almighty God is saying, the God of the second chances is saying, “RESTART HAS BEGUN.”  Example – life of Samson, Judg. 13-16.  Also Peter, forgiven and restored after denying the Lord Jesus.  In the same manner, your restoration has just begun. 
GOD IS GOING TO POUR OUT, POUR FORTH HIS 7 SPIRITS upon His true believers.   Isa. 11:2 the Seven Spirits of God.  Bro. Sadhu wrote a book about them, On Eagle’s Wings.  The Body of Christ must have knowledge of the 7 Spirits of the Lord, must be prepared to receive this anointing.  The 7 Spirits are seven anointings that will be poured out which means each Spirit of the Lord He has sent out an anointing, and it will be poured out.  Therefore, prepare. 
When the 7 Spirits and 7 anointings of God are poured out IT WILL RAISE UP 7 GROUPS OF PEOPLE among whom are children, youths, senior believers and ministers of God.  So, PREPARE, prepare yourselves! 
7 GROUPS OF ANGELS HAVE BEEN APPOINTED FOR THIS OUTPOURING.  Rev 15:5-8 before the wrath of God is poured out on this earth, 7 special angels come from within the temple of God.  And they are given 7 golden bowls full of the wrath of God into their hands.  Similar to that, 7 groups of angels have been appointed to go and pour out the 7 Spirits of God all over this world. 
THESE 7 GROUPS OF ANGELS WILL GO INTO THE CHURCHES AND PREPARE THEM TO RECEIVE THE 7 SPIRITS OF GOD.  They will point out the shortcomings in the churches and prepare the believers to receive this anointing. 
The Lord says, “As I went to prepare a place for My people (Jn 14:2-3), LIKEWISE THEY SHOULD PREPARE A PLACE FOR MY 7 SPIRITS TO COME AND DWELL WITHIN THEM.“  Again it refers to the spirit, soul and body.  The spirit must be cleansed and be holy.  The soul must be prepared, cleansed and be holy.  The body also must be prepared holy.
You know, receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit is different from receiving the 7 Spirits of God.  The Holy Spirit is showing me to elaborate this for you.  Let’s compare this with the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.  When He was formed in the womb of Mary, He was not formed like everybody else in the ordinary way.  Psa 40 says, “You have prepared Me a body,” which means though He had a flesh and blood like from a human, but it was supernaturally prepared by God so that He can be the spotless lamb of God, without sin.  If He had the full DNA and flesh of a human, then that will be tainted with sin and that Lamb will be disqualified.  So the Bible says Thou hast prepared Me a body. 
Secondly, even from His childhood He lived a God-fearing life, submitted to His parents, had His Pentecost experience, was led to the wilderness after fasting for 40 days.  If you read Luke’s account on this, it says the Lord Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit and He went into the wilderness, and when he came out of the wilderness He came out WITH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.  Look at the difference, filled and then empowered by the Holy Spirit.  During His fasting for 40 days (when He overcame spirit, soul and body) He totally yielded ALL of Himself to God, not 1% kept for Himself, 100% dedication, 100% yielding to the Almighty God.  Because of that, the Bible says He was FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT WITHOUT MEASURE which are the 7 Spirits of God.  7 means COMPLETENESS, also means without measure. 
During His fasting for 40 days He overcame spirit, soul and body.  This is what we need to do, prepare our house.  Matt 14:12-16, A HOUSE ALREADY PREPARED AND READY FOR THE LORD and His disciples to celebrate the Passover.  In the same manner, prepare your spirit, prepare your soul, prepare your body like never before, because God is going to pour out His 7 Spirits.  That vessel must be absolutely, totally surrendered and yielded. 
Another aspect why we should get ready is: “THE BRIDE SHOULD PREPARE.”  Rev. 19:7  You should get ready, be prepared.  Put away all gossiping, the speaking of lies, the competitive spirit, being envious of one another and covetousness, pointing the accusing finger at one another.  Rather look deep into your spirit and soul, and as the Bible says, 1Thess 5:23, that your spirit, soul and body being holy and blameless before the Lord God.  2Cor. 7:1 says perfect holiness in the fear of the Lord.  Phil. 2:12 Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.  These you need to do to prepare yourself to be caught up by the Lord Bridegroom.  Because the Bible says Matt. 24:30-42 No one knows when the Bridegroom will come.  Parable of the Ten Virgins, the Bridegroom did not come at their expected time.  He came in His own time, and they were not ready.  SO PREPARE! (The rapture happens at the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus – 2 Thes. 1:5-10)
GOD IS GOING TO ASK FOR AN ACCOUNT. SO PREPARE, PREPARE TO GIVE AN ACCOUNT TO HIM.  Luke 16:1-2  Parable of the Dishonest Manager; Matt. 25 Parable of the Talents.  Prepare that all things within you are clean.  Is your house in order? 
GOD’S ARMY IS GOING TO RISE UP MIGHTILY!  Therefore, prepare!  Joel 2:11 The Lord God is going to roar forth and call His Army.  So His Army must prepare – army if little children, army of youth, army of martyrs, army of seniors, army of the ministers of God!  PREPARE, prepare, prepare. 
That is the word for this year.  PREPARE FOR GLORY!  The glory is going to manifest.  The glory is going to be poured forth.  The glory is going to break out.  Prepare! 
Isa. 6 Isaiah was not prepared for the glory of God, because of his unclean eyes and lips.  My dear children, ESPECIALLY THE MINISTERS OF GOD – PUT YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER, so that when the glory comes it will not destroy you.  Rather it will manifest itself in an abundant manner.  BUT SADLY, IT WILL COME TO DESTROY MANY.  I’ve been trying to refrain from saying that for a long time, but the Holy Spirit has been prodding me to say that.  The glory of God will come even TO JUDGE.  So before that, let’s put our house in order.  Let the works of our hands be clean.  Let the words of our lips not be of double standard.  Let it be righteous, the words of truth because the Bible says a fountain of water that comes out will not be unclean, if the source is the spring of living waters of God.  It will only become unclean IF THERE IS CORRUPTION IN OUR HEART.  Put it away. 
I feel the Holy Spirit giving me a counsel for you:  CALL FOR A CORPORATE 7-DAYS FAST OF YOUR CHURCH, from the head of the church right down to the smallest member of the church, just like how the King of Nineveh did.  And then very humbly, honestly analyze what are the shortcomings in the church.  You must be humble and open enough for the church members to point out the mistakes.  If you do that, the grace of God will come to meet you and prepare you and the church to receive the glory. 
Jesus will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire