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Downtown Denver Revival ~ Saturdays 8.30pm Address: 1439 COURT PLACE, DENVER CO 80202


Revival Promise

Experiencing Revival Now

We are a church that is deeply in love with Jesus. His tangible presence and surpassing blessings in our midst has caused many people to visit us from all over the world!
BHF offically opened in 2008 after being a ministry for several years. We had the privilege to receive great visitations from the Lord beginning 2013 and from then on the Lord taught us the most excellent ways to serve Him. We have prayer services every day. The Lord taught us to offer dynamic and festive live deep worship that pleases Him. He commanded us to meet in the streets more often to hold powerful worship, revivals and prayers as there are people who will never set their feet in the church.
We frequently meet in the streets and also we have our regular services. We are yielded vessels to Jesus and He alone runs our church. The Lord has taught us to mimic Him in every way, so our church follow the way He has shown us and do church different than most. If you are tired of mundane church and looking to be in the real presence of God and have a heart that is after God, please do not hesitate to connect with us. I desire everyone who want to visit our church to browse this site first and read the many articles and listen to our youtube sermons.  If they touch you to the core, it is an indication the Lord has called you to be part of this body. You should then contact. We also hold revivals and you are welcome:
Downtown Denver Revival ~ Saturdays @ 8.30pm

As to what we believe, we are still putting together "What we believe" page but we want to say upfront that we believe and we declare the full counsel of God, that is, we believe the Bible fully and wholly from the book of Genesis to Revelation --- Everything that happened in old and
new testament, the miracles, the signs, the wonders even greater works still can happen today. Yeah, they happen in our midst so we believe God is the same, yesterday, today and forever!

In 2010, the Lord promised to give to us a tremendous revival. He gave us this prophetic word which currently is coming to pass

On 1/14/13, Jesus spoke in a thundering voice and said "I am raising up an army and it begins with The Blazing Holy Fire Church! He said "Revival! I will pour out my spirit upon all of you and you will go together and be used in miracles, signs and wonders."
On 8/07/13, The Lord's visitations to our church began. In the summer of 2013, twelve
prayer warriors who met nightly at church to pray began having face to face encounters with Jesus. At first, one of them was caught
up to the throne of Abba Papa and was given a message to the church and to every prayer warrior. From then on, great visitations from Jesus began to take place in our midst every night. Jesus spoke to us face to face, answered our questions and shared His heart and the great love He has for humanity.

In Him, we saw such an unconditional love that is deeper than any ocean; wider than any sky, and bigger than the universe. Jesus said
It is so deep, you cannot wrap
your mind around it .

After training us for a whole year, the Lord released us to go and be His hands to reach and touch His children and bring forth a revival that will set the whole world ablaze. The Lord taught us to mimic everything we saw in Him.

Our church is here to proclaim the Love of God, to make known the Real Jesus to the world He died fo; to proclaim the Truth which sets the captive free, yeah, to proclaim the Way, the Truth and the Life!

Miracles, signs, wonders and deliverances take place wherever we meet or go.
The miracles in our midst are many, so many, it is getting hard to keep track records of them.
People are delivered as we pray, as we dance in the streets, as they watch the show on youtube or as they visit our website.
Please read stories of many among thousands of lives transformed in our midst. Here is their testimonies.

Meeting Times:
We meet Downtown Denver
~ Wednesday & Friday @ 7pm on the 16th Street mall Denver Downtown
 ~ Saturdays @ 8.30pm
~ From time to time, we hold special revivals in different locations as the Lord leads. This will be announced on our website.

Before you plan to attend, we advise you to read our website first and get familiar with the teachings the Lord has given us, if they touch you to the core, this church will be the best for you. If you plan to come on Saturdays, please use the address above if not You should then contact us to see where we meet for other days because currently we are doing a lot of evangelism and outdoor church.

We also travel to hold revivals.
Our sermons are posted on our youtube channel and also sometimes on our blog.

Thank you! God bless you abundantly!

Christine Coleman
Pastor, Blazing Holy Fire Church

  1. "He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire"
    "He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire"
    Matthew 3:11
  2. "I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled!"
    "I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled!"
    Luke 12:49
Jesus will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire