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  1. Delivered from Mental Hospitals & Demonic Powers
    18 Apr, 2017
    Delivered from Mental Hospitals & Demonic Powers
    It all started in March 2013 when I returned back to the Lord. I was baptized with the Holy Spirit and I began speaking in unknown tongues. I was excited about finding Jesus! I started praying a lot every day but I did not know much about the word of God.
  2. Raised from the dead Mama Domitila
    19 Mar, 2016
    Raised from the Dead After Four Days
    In 1968, a young woman by the name of Domitila Nabibone – called by many as Mama Domitila died for four days and was taken to heaven by two angels. After four days, to the surprise of all, Mama Domitila came back to life with a rich testimony that has brought millions of souls around the globe to Christ!
  3. Jesus' Beating Heart
    10 Feb, 2016
    First Love - True Love
    Jesus said, "but you will never know how much I love you! You can’t comprehend it. Have you ever looked at the ocean and felt like there was no end and looked up at the sky and felt like it just went on forever... that is how My love is for you, it        First Love - True Love    "A bride's heart should always be turned                 towards her bridegroom!"     “A Valentine Gift to you from Abba” Beloveds in Christ: “First Love” - A special special gift to you from Abba Father,
  4. The Highest Love-The Highest Sacrifice
    11 Feb, 2015
    The Highest Love-The Highest Sacrifice
    Highest Love - Highest Sacrifice It is my prayer that as you read this article, you will receive a revelation of the LOVE OF GOD. This revelation if granted, it will change your life forever!   There is a love that is pure, innocent, organic and holy. A love that is so incredible that you must know, taste, savor and pursue with everything within you and never look back. This love I have found in Jesus and after I discovered it I said, “Abba, without a shadow of doubt, I know that you love me.”
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