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"Jesus told your  church that the rapture is very very soon!

But recently I read a post by a woman who has been visiting heaven. She wrote that before the rapture happens there will first be the “Kingdom Age” where heaven will be brought to earth. She wrote that there are still many generations before the rapture will happen." A friend from Europe

Every encounter, no matter who receives it, it must line up with the Word of God. To discern man's opinion, or what is true and false, we use the word of God as a mirror to look through every experience. I would advise you to compare your question with what the Word of God says. "No one knows the day or the hour." To say the rapture cannot happen now is to set up a time. When Jesus speaks to you, He is the Word and uses the same language He used in the Bible. Even Jesus speaking to John the Apostle 2,000 years ago, He said, "I am coming quickly... soon" Revel 22:7, 20. ""Behold, I come quickly""In just a little while, he who is coming will come and will not delay." Hebrews 22:20.

"I am coming very very soon" is the language of Jesus of the Bible and this is the truth. In all the visitation from the Lord, and there has been plenty, counteless hours... never once have we seen Him saying that He was not coming soon... but we see a man in Luke who thought he had many years to come and he was caught off guard (Luke 12). When Jesus talks to you about end times, there is an urgency in His voice,  and we also noticed that Jesus lives every day like the rapture can happen any moment. When we would go to evangelize, sometimes He would say for example "10  people got saved today as you evangelized, 3 will make it through the rapture, 20 will be left behind but repent and make it etc...."  Jesus uses the word soon but He would tell us you never know when soon is soon. His soon can be 1 year, a week, a month, years or hours. Indeed there are many times Jesus Soons were really suddenlies. I remember one night, we were talking and the Lord said "Soon this and that..." will happen. In my mind I was thinking about 3 months... well, the next days by 7pm what the Lord had predicted came exactly to pass. The Lord came and He taught me that NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND GOD'S TIMING... IT IS A MYSTERY.

But you can study about the end times in Matthew 24 and the other Gospels, Revelation, Zechariah, Daniel and other books of the Bible, they give the signs of His coming. You can look at the signs, they are every where in the world today, and those signs will show you which season we are in. Study and know about His coming, the wise men studied and understood the season of Jesus first coming and they followed the stars to see Jesus. One of the big signs the Lord gave us about His coming, it came to pass June 26, 2015 when gay marriage was legalized  to fulfill "It will be like the days of Lot Luke 17:28). So my friend, use the word of God to discern the encounters... and be extra careful because false statements and encounters have purpose to lead the elect away or at least in this case to make Christians relax thinking there is plently time!
Jesus will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire