Blazing Holy Fire Church and Ministries
by Abba's Face
The Lord told me, “I want you to teach my children and learn more yourself how to pray with everything, with every bone, every molecule, every cell, until your voice, your vocal colds shake so hard.”

Jesus has taught me to study His life, to see what He does and mimic Him. From His word, I found out that Jesus was a man of prayer.   This is why I asked Him, ‘Lord, please anoint us and teach us to pray like you prayed" See previous article.

The Lord began to teach the team and I how to pray individually, and to this day, we are still taking lessons. He said, “your growth with me never stops, throughout eternity, it is from glory to glory.” He said that the anointing to pray like Him was going to come and be given in stages".

There are two indispensable weapons I have to carry with me always and this all the days of my life: His Word and Prayer. These two must go hand in hand. It is to apply the word of God and to pray. The prayer of the righteous accomplish much.

Prayer is life, it is our daily spiritual food that gives us energy to walk with God just like food is to the body! Through prayer, a link that connects us to God is established. The exciting thing is that you get to choose how strong that relationship can be. If you pray diligently, you will enjoy a great intimacy with God. Our friends, colleagues and relatives, no matter how close they are to us, if we stop talking to them, slowly they end up being strangers to us. So pray and commune with God continually. The Lord has taught me that prayer must be done every day, several times a day. I call upon the name of Jesus many times a day even in my sleep. At anointed times, as much as we can, we are to pray without ceasing. In Exodus 30:7-8, the Lord said “…There shall be perpetual incense before the LORD throughout your generations. Incense must be offered continually. Pray without ceasing. The spices that were used in the fragrant incense were: stacte, onycha, galbanum and frankincense. Frankincense speaks of Groaning of the Holy Spirit, strong crying with tears symbolizing the prayers that ascend to the throne of God (Exodus 30:7-8; 34-38). For a deeper understanding, please study about these incense.

There are many different types of prayers that the Lord has taught me: Warfare prayers; intercession, supplication and pleadings; combat/fighting prayers; intimate prayers of meditation and communion with God and much more. It would take books to write them down. In this article, I will shortly talk about the basics in warfare and intercession prayers.
Warfare and Intercession Prayers

The flesh does not like to pray. You cannot get any prayers done if you have the flesh as your counselor. If you have to consult with flesh before prayer, the answer will more likely be: ‘you are tired, you do not feel good, you need to rest, just sleep a few more minutes…’ The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! So let the spirit lead the flesh! From this, the Lord has taught me to do my best to commit to pray regardless of how I feel - as you do this, you find out it is the spirit man that is really praying, the spirit man does not get tired or weary! As you begin to pray, within you be saying “I will search for you with all my heart O God!” As you pray thus, the Lord will strengthen your body and grant you energy. When rest is need, the Lord will let you rest. Hallelujah!

Pre-prayer Preparation
Prayer is like a weapon of mass destruction against satan. satan hates prayer and he will not let us just pray at ease. Even when we overcome and make it to prayer, even there, though he knows he might be defeated, he will still show up. He thinks “who knows, perhaps I will overcome these people.” As we begin to pray powerfully, he might not come right away but he waits until an opportune time, and start bombarding with distracting thoughts. With this, several time, I defeated him by just quoting scriptures such as “keep watching and praying.”  By reminding myself of that, and committing to watch, satan would not be able to break in.

As we prepare to pray, satan also prepare to attack with all types of warfare and also using vain thoughts to distract the mind. Therefore, it is a must that I also prepare my heart before prayer:
      .Repent thoroughly
      .Put on the full armor of God
      .Bind satan cast him out in the name of Jesus (do this throughout prayer as needed)
      .Have powerful joyful worship, praise, adoration and thanksgiving
      .Remind myself why I am there: it is to pray and not be distracted.
       To remind myself, my brain and everything within me “listen,  
       we are here to pray and not to play games”
      .Have a determination to connect my heart to God’s heart.
      .Focus on Jesus
      .Think only about Jesus with all my heart. By thinking about others or other things,    
       their files and a series of events download. Let
       Jesus and only Jesus be written all over and around your mind and thoughts.
      .To remind me of these things over and over again …

Distracting Thoughts in Prayer
As I prayed for many years, I found out that many times it is not because prayer is not given but because of ignorance, most of prayer was done with a wondering mind. The Lord has taught me to have my mind under control.
Distracting thoughts build a wall between us and the Lord and take us further and further from Him. We must stand strong, be creative in our tactics to overcome distracting thoughts:
      .No one can pray and connect with God if satan is there controlling
      .Therefore, take control, bind satan and cast him out in the name of Jesus
      .Have scriptures going on in your mind
      .While praying in tongues, use imagination to see the Lord and the things of heaven
      .Avoid moments of daydreaming and taking trips in mind that are not permissible by the Lord
      .Bind the spirit of forgetfulness that comes and steal, leading to forget focusing on the Lord
      .Pray harder even raise my volume louder than other voices that there can be in mind and thoughts
       Pray Earnestly

And being in an agony, Jesus prayed more earnestly; and his sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground. Luke 22:44
The Lord asked me “Are you praying earnestly enough with your whole heart, with everything inside of you? Are you praying fully? The Lord said, “With the small amount of time you have left, pray connecting your heart with mine. You know the difference between the mind wondering and the mind not focused on Me. Praying harder means fully focused on Me, your mind on Me. Pray full devoted to me. In full communion with me.”
Remember the Lord is right there when you pray. The Lord said, “I am a few inches from you as you reach out to me in prayer”. When I go in prayer, it helps me to remember that He is there. I do not want to give weak prayers to the one who is so close to Me. I do not want to leave the room in my mind, go somewhere else, and disappoint the King of kings who is right there with me! Distracting thoughts will come almost every time but you can defeat them by commanding with strong prayers, determination within and repeating scriptures over and over as you pray.
The Lord asked me also to pray harder. “In the days of His flesh, He offered up both prayers and supplications with loud crying and tears to the One able to save Him from death, and He was heard because of His piety.” Hebrews 5:7

How to pray harder
I wanted to know if praying harder means to pray for longer period of times. The Lord said that the most important is not the time but connecting our heart to His, fully focused, as if our mind and thoughts tied to His as with a strong rope – what good is it to pray for 3 hours while the mind is wondering the whole time. Is that a prayer that will please Him? The Lord said, “But more than even the time, I want the heart.  I want you to teach my children and learn more yourself how to pray with everything, with every bone, every molecule, every cell, until your voice, your vocal colds shake so hard.  In case of mediation and waiting on the Lord or when you cannot turn up the volume in prayer, the Lord said “I want my children to pray with everything, whether they can form the words or not, whether they need to cry out, tell them to cry out to me".
Thus, the Lord has taught me to pray with loud cries.
The Lord has asked the team and I to pray corporately every day and at times all night prayer. The Lord gave us a suitable schedule that allows those who work to not miss prayer. The Lord is awesome! Praise His holy name! Hallelujah. I still have my one on one prayer time with the Lord but the greatest prayer is the one we do corporately. This is where we receive greater power, fight might battles and win major victories; this is where the visitations began and this is a place where great miracles take place.

The Asking
We must pray with faith. The Lord is right there listening when we pray. Even our friends respond to our requests, if they who are evil know how to give good gifts, how much more will our heavenly Father give us freely all good things?
One night, the Lord listened to all my request. I had a long list of prayer requests at the end of which He said that He has granted everything I asked that night, even the smaller requests. At this I was shocked that we ask little! That night, the Lord taught me to stop doubting Him, to cast out all doubts and unbelief. When I am in His will, He grants everything. (1 John 5:14). When you seek the kingdom of God first and His righteousness, everything will follow.

I have seen the power of prayer with my own eyes, why would I allow doubts? I have seen the Lord doing great and mighty miracles in our midst responding to our prayers! I have seen the Lord giving information that no one else could know or give. I have seen the Lord raising the dead in our midst, not once but many times. I have seen the Lord moving mountains. Within the past few months or weeks alone:
    .I saw a great crowd surrounding this magicians who often amazes people with his false wanders, just across our mobile street stage
        used to worship Jesus. Quickly, we gathered and prayed. Within seconds after prayer, the crowd had dispersed. The entire evening,
        Jesus was worshiped without a rival and only God received the glory. We are in the streets a lot, we see these types of miracles often!
     .Several times, as we arrived to minister at the same spot, groups of Krishna’s, monks etc.… would be everywhere giving tracks and
       leading many astray. As a group, we would quickly pray and upon opening our eyes, these people would be scattering, hurrying to
     .Street holy dancing in a circle, bringing the presence of the Lord in the streets, we started seeing the enemy sending his agents to
      walk through our midst, as to desecrate. Upon seeing this, we would lift up our hands and voice to heaven and cry out to God, “Oh,
      Lord of Host, this is Your territory, do not let anyone desecrate. Whoever enter this circle other than to give you glory, please arrest
      them under the blood of Jesus!” Several times, we have seen people instantly changed, even the most hardened hearts melting before
The Lord said, “See, this is what happens when you are in my will. This is what happens when you abide in Me.” "If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you (John 15:7).

Jesus will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire