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  1. Before I brought my family to be prayed over, we had numerous medically unexplained food intolerances and allergies. However, it seemed every time we tried something it would only relieve our symptoms temporarily. My 7 year old had a rash on his arms and legs, would throw up randomly and suffered from abdominal cramping. I had similar symptoms as his mother I tried everything I could think or be recommended by his pediatrician. When I received prayer two weeks ago, my body started healing, my hand had been dry and bleeding on and off for two years, and it was healed in the name of Jesus! I had also avoided many foods that gave me gas, bloating, cramping and psychological symptoms (short term memory loss, hyperactivity, fuzzy vision and emotional instability). All of these have been completely healed in the name of Jesus! I can eat whatever I need and suffer none of my previous symptoms! My son has received some healing but we need to come back for more prayer for him. He is eating anything and he doesn't vomit anymore or struggle mentally like he used to. His memory and comprehension has dramatically improved! It is a miracle praise Jesus!
    Jan 28, 2016 by sister E.
  2. Just wanted to say your page has brought some change to my life...I have always wanted to change the way I live but always struggled along the way and I would find myself going back and ignoring the salvation...but strangely every time I do something or go on with my life just like my unbelieving friends my inner being always plays the truth on my mind about Jesus and I will get frightened because I don't want to end up in Hell....may i please request prayers to be released from the ties of the enemy because my most struggle is letting go of the boyfriend i was going out with...i know that is a fornication sin although it is not seen as a sin even in many eyes of the Christians
    9-9-2016 ~ A Sister from South Africa
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