Blazing Holy Fire Church and Ministries

August 8, 2013
This was the beginning of our experiences...
In prayer, one of us was caught up
to Abba Papa’s throne
He then gave us the following word...

Read "The Blazing Holy Fire" Book

Read "The Blazing Holy Fire" Book

"The gates of hell will not prevail"


In which also is the vision of our ministry...

August 7, 2013
My dear children, I want you to know that you are not alone. I am here with you always. I am coming very, very soon, and I need you. I came once and died for you. I gave my body so that you may be saved and so that you may live. I now am going to require the same of you! You are my body! But you have been lazy and tired; that ends now! You must wake up! You must become alive again! The fire you feel now is nothing like the fire you will feel from now on.
I ask of you to be my hands and to reach and touch my children; I ask of you to be my arms to reach and embrace the lost. I ask of you to be my legs that are strong and mighty to carry the burden of holiness. I ask you to be my feet and to not walk, not run, but to sprint and to fly faster than ever before! Take my message out to the people faster than the eagle soars and faster than a gazelle runs. I ask you to crucify your flesh, and allow me to inhabit you. I ask you to let me make you a clear and see through glass vase that I may fill up.  I ask you to be my vessels. You love me, and I love you back even more.
I know this seems overwhelming, but it is so little in comparison to what I am going to give you! I am going to take you to the spiritual realm, your eyes will be opened and you will finally see. I am going to take you to hell. So that you will feel the pain, hurt, heartbreak, and intense sorrow that I feel for the lost. Once I judge that is it, there is no hope and no mercy for those dead who are not my true children. I love them all though, and it severely hurts me.
I will also show you heaven! I will show you myself. I opened the gates of heaven to pour myself out onto you. I slammed the gates of hell! The gates of hell WILL NOT PREVAIL! I said, the gates of hell WILL NOT PREVAIL! Do not doubt me, for I am great and mighty. My power is going to set you on fire, light you ablaze like a dry forest that gets hit with white hot lightning. You will never be the same! But, there is a price to pay. You will suffer greatly in order to serve me; you will be persecuted and badly abused by the people who you reach out to. But it will be worth it! The souls you will save and the experiences that you will have will be so great! They will be more powerful than the days that I walked the earth myself. My second coming will be much greater, much more powerful and even more glorious. That is why it will be so much more intense. Be excited! Come to prayer before me, cry out and give yourselves fully to me. For I am your King, and I am coming.
Be prepared!
Jesus Christ, The Lord Your God.
August 30, 2013
Second Word from Jesus to Blazing Holy Fire Community.
Last night after meetinging with me, Abba gave me  this word for you Blazing Holy Fire Community (Those from afar & near: partners, online friends and subscribers).

My children,

I love you all! I know each and every one of you. I hear your prayers, I catch your tears.
I know every thought you think, every desire of your hearts; I know you. Each individual is special and important to me. I know the number of heart beats your heart has ever drummed, I know how many breaths you have breathed, and I am always with you.

My precious children, I am in love with you! I am a groom who is coming to get His bride. Be excited to receive me, prepare yourselves for me, for my coming is soon. I need you though; I need you to work for me. You are my body, and I am going to call you to minister for me. I am going to bring a revival, and it will spread like the beautiful and majestic fire I named your ministry after. It will become a global reaching revival. Be prepared though, this calling is hard. This path is like a walking on water, you have to follow by complete faith. If you start to sink you must immediately reach out to me, and I will restore you. Do not wander away from me, for my great and amazing time is coming.

The warfare will be great, but the reward and satisfaction in serving is worthwhile. My love for you reaches beyond your wildest dreams! I am working and preparing the earth for my coming, and it starts here. It starts in the fire ministry, and you my servants need to be assembled and united in spirit, because I am going to move my body. Do not fear persecution or the wounds of battle, because I always heal the wounds on my body. I am smiling at you because I am preparing you to see me. Be encouraged, and be ready to meet me my beloved children.

Your King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
Abba- Jesus Christ

The Lord Your God
Jesus will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire