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Beloved friend, Abba, BHF Congregation and I welcome you to the Blazing virtual home!You stopped here by a divine appointment! Often times when I ask God why such and such stopped by, He says, "Wait and See!" and in the end, we both eventually find out and it is always for exciting purposes! Oh, how our loving Father loves to fill our lives with wonderful surprises! As you browse, you are at home with Him! Read, watch, participate and apply. Before you know it, you will be getting to know God more and more, coming closer to Him each day, and falling deeply in love with Him... And voilà , our purpose is fulfilled! BHF exists here online to introduce you to the Real Jesus, with whom you will not help but fall in love - and be transformed!

We are a church family that has been transformed and most blessed by the Lord! We love, we laugh so much, we have so much fun each day as we serve Him.  The Lord has commanded us to walk in Love, Unity and Humility. We live this out. As a pastor, I cannot thank God enough for such a united body, a strong united powerful leadership team! We have met our Lord and He is too wonderful for comprehension, too awesome for description - such a Loving Loving Father. I believe that if the world were to see who Jesus is for real and if we as Christian can strive to portray Him and present Him as He really is, get out of His way so that He can be seen as He really is - many many people will be saved! And if we would even allow Him to live in us and having His Character in us, the majority of humanity will fall on their knees and follow Him!

On this page, I will endeavour to give that which I have received from the Lord. For now we are still under construction but I encourage you to come back and continue to visit because you do not want to miss what the Father will be giving me to share with you.

It is not important to talk about me but for the sake of those who send email asking ... I pastor Blazing Holy Fire Church. In 2014, Jesus said that I have been serving Him faithfully for 17 years. One of the heavenly names the Lord calls me by is Kristietta: The Beloved and Faithful one. In 2003, I left career and everything to become a full time prayer warrior. In 2004,  after writing the Blazing Holy Fire book, the ministry started. I am originally from Rwanda and currently reside in Denver, CO USA. I deeply love Jesus and my hobby includes intercession --- I am not kidding, I mean it --- I enjoy praying, writing and fellowshiping with my family in Christ.

I bet you want to see and hear more... so I will go for it! I am married to Michael Coleman and God has blessed us with a beautiful son Christian Coleman.

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Christine Coleman,
Pastor Blazing Holy Fire

Learned at the Feet of Jesus

Learned at the Feet of Jesus

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    Youth on fire
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